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Frogstreet Curriculum

Beginning the 2017-2018 school year, the Moor Field Early Education Center will be implementing a new curriculum to further enhance our program's ability to meet the needs of our students as well as prepare them for the rigors of eventually moving into elementary school.  
Our school staff reviewed sixteen different pre-school programs and meticulously matched student needs with the activities and instructional approaches each program offered. We feel confident that students and parents alike will enjoy the new curriculum and benefit from it's various activities and instructional content.
Frogstreet is a pre-school curriculum designed for various levels of learners. With the exception of our severe disabilities class, all other classes will be utilizing the Frogstreet Three's curriculum. The severe disabilities class will be implementing the Frogstreet Toddler program.  An opportunity will be provided for you to review the curriculum.  Your teachers will also be reviewing the program with you when school resumes in August.  Please click onto the curriculum name to read more from the publisher.
We look forward to enhancing the learning experiences of all our students and we hope that you will partner with us in assisting your children to succeed.